Saturday, May 26

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Garden, 15:35

This feels like a summer weekend. The sun is out, the sky is bright blue and the only clouds are fluffy and look like Mr Punch, birds and animals.

I began the day with a 2km jog and a shower and, after breakfast, I washed the windows while Irma and Auo went to Prisma. When they returned I began painting things white, which is this year’s main task. Today I painted a wooden stand white.

Auo has a maths test on Monday and keeps asking me to create questions for her. The class will be tested on fractions and decimals, and her appetite for doing them is insatiable. I am giving her much harder ones than they will be tested on. She completely understands the principles and the techniques, but sometimes makes careless errors of the “3 times 12 is 30” type at the last stage of the calculation.

Later we will have the first barbecue of the summer, with several kinds of sausages. Everyone will like it.