Friday, April 7

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6T tram, Hameentie, 21:02


I woke several times in the night and, after waking at 4:20, found it hard to get back to sleep again. After a groggy breakfast I walked to Puotila in the wind.

At 9:15 I held the first session for the Web Analysis course. I explained the nature of the course, aided by a Powerpoint slideshow that outlined a detailed road map that may, or may not, indicate what we will actually do. Then we watched a movie, after which I initiated a discussion and asked students to post their comments online.

I spent the afternoon preparing for the evening session, which involved making more Powerpoint slides, and constructing a Greatest Hits slideshow that took all the key points from all the slideshows and put them into one long narrative.

At 16:30 the final session of the Digital Mediascapes course began. Tonight I got the Skype business working properly and two students joined in from a distance. We discussed the Curatr MOOC we had all participated in, and then I began the task I had promised I would do. I took them through all the arguments I had advanced in the course and explained how and why they fitted into their Media Management studies. I think that, by the end, I had persuaded most people – but not everyone.

Now I have cleaned up Oasis, the room we used for the course, and packed my bag. I started one course and finished another today. The tram arrives and I get on. I sit alone on one of the newest trams thinking nothing.

I will get home about 22:00 and feel happy to sit down with a glass of wine.