Saturday, April 8

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Kamppi, 15:00


Naa has got two tickets for the new Power Rangers movie and I have arrived in Kamppi to see it with her. I look at Finnkino as I arrive to see if I can see her. I can’t because she has already gone inside.

The movie will follow the path trodden by Doctor Strange. Both offer origin stories and both follow the same path. Both, in fact, follow the path suggested by John Truby in his book The Anatomy of Story. They have different audiences in mind, however, and thus the adopt different approaches to the same broad outline.

Naa and I will agree that we liked Power Rangers and will happily get tickets for the inevitable sequel. We will disagree though about which we preferred. I will opt for Doctor Strange while Naa will pick Power Rangers.

Naa will come back with me and stay the night. Irma will cook salmon and we will all watch Endurance, the prequel to the Inspector Morse series, and The Coroner.