Saturday, April 15

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Pellinki, 11:35


Naa stayed last night and we all got up early to look out of the windows at the falling snow.

After a quick breakfast we set off to Pellinki for the Easter market. We have arrived to find half the stalls empty. Undeterred we buy fish and talk to almost everyone we meet. We stop at Benita’s for coffee and egg bread, before heading to a fete and then Erika’s shop.

In the afternoon Naa and I will clear the garden in Sundö while the weather oscillates between bright sunshine and heavy snow. Naa will take her jacket on and off.

Mika will wander around in a chicken outfit, allegedly for the benefit of Hanna’s girls, and we will have cake and coffee with Camilla, Johan, Maija and (very briefly), Ann-Sofie.

We will drive back through changing weather and Irma will decide that we need to see The Second Best Marigold Hotel this evening. She and Naa will race to Vuosaari to find the video rental shop has closed, before deciding to drive to Makuuni in Töölö.

Irma will arrive back with the movie.