Sunday, April 16

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Kamppi, 15:00


I started the day by painting the underside of part of the roof in pouring snow, while wearing what looked like an Easter bonnet to stop my head getting covered in paint. I also swept a lot of sawdust and stones away.

In the afternoon we collected Naa and went to visit Irma’s father. Now we have driven to Kamppi to visit her mother.

Jens gave Irma’s mother a glass pyramid after a holiday in Eygpt. I look at it on her glass table. The reflections on the different faces look as intriguing as the makers intended. The reflections through the frosted glass table look even more intriguing.

We will leave Naa with the movie we watched last night so that she can watch it tonight. We will go home and watch Criminal Minds, for the first time in six months, before stumbling across a film of Ed Sheeran at Wembley Stadium. This will prove much more interesting than we had expected and we will end up watching it all.