Tuesday, April 18

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Garden, 17:58


I left the house in bright sunlight and walked to Puotila. Just as I passed the bus stop near the station an almost-empty 97 Passed and I waved it down, getting a ride to Itäkeskus in the time it would have taken me to walk to the metro and wait.

I spent the morning checking my slides for this week’s classes and then answering mail. I also booked my flight tickets for the Nobanet meeting in Kaunas. This, I discovered, meant flying to Vilnius and getting a train from there. I alerted Micke to this, and he booked the same flights.

Naa had arrived about 10:00 and at 12:30 we had lunch: soup in my case and some kind of escalope in Naa’s.

At 13:15 I started the second block of Interactive Storytelling. Inevitably the idea of creating stories holds a special sort of appeal for the class clowns and I had some of that: stories designed to raise titters rather than address John Truby’s points. As a result I ran one exercise twice and the class ended at 17:20 rather than the advertised 17:00 (and the hoped-for 16:30).

I arrive home to discover that the roofers have fitted all the tiles today. I wander round the house not quite believing it. Irma tells me that nobody will arrive tomorrow but on Thursday the blacksmith will do some metal work and then they will return to take all the scaffolding away.

Gosh, I say.