Thursday, April 20

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Arabiankatu, 12:53


Irma left first this morning because she had an important presentation to make. By the time I got ready the workmen had arrived to remove the scaffolding and do whatever finishing touches need doing. They moved quietly so that even Sunshine seemed unworried.

I spent the morning preparing the rest of the Social Media Analysis course in precise detail, making sure I had the right kind of rooms booked for each session, and that each room contained the equipment I needed. I also remade some of the slides and rewrote some of the assignments.

At 11:40 Naa and I left for Dylan, where we ate far too much again. After that we walked down to the library where I collected some CDs that I had ordered, and farther down to the tram stop.

We stand waiting for a tram, due in one minute two minutes ago. I point out the large gable-end mural that I remember photographing at some point in the past. I photograph it again. As I do the 6T tram arrives.

In the afternoon I will deal with student theses, and pleas for mysterious absences to not affect course grades. I will explain to Tiina that I have to make a presentation in Latvia at the precise moment when she would like me to make a presentation to the Omtänk students. I suggest that Tom Lindh might prove a far better substitute. Let’s see what the others think.

At 16:00 Naa will leave and I will head to Pixelache to meet Jan to discuss the annual budget. We will work for ninety minutes and end up with a realistic but easy-to-read set of projections that seem as accurate as possible.

At 18:00 we will sit in on the first Pixelache Open Skype Call, initiated and hosted by Oliver. We will discuss some ongoing issues and plan next Thursday’s Convivial Mechanics meeting.

I will arrive home at 19:40. Slush will fall from the sky shortly afterwards.