Sunday, May 27

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Sundö, 15:15

Today I decided to go for a longer jog and did approximately five or six kilometres. I jogged to Prisma, over Itäväylä, down to the Teboil gas station, back over Itäväylä, along the track to Riskutie, and up the road to home.

We ate breakfast and left for Sundö, where there are holes to be dug and plants to be planted. I dug up some baby sireeni trees that Camilla didn’t want, and replanted them so that in five years or so we will have some shade and shelter. They will replace some of the trees that came down in the January storm.

We have been to Benita’s to get gas for the mower, and cakes for the girls, and now Auo and I are walking back from the beach, where we have been looking in the water for fish.

Auo has declared that she is bored. Later I will put the trampoline up and all boredom will cease.

In the evening I will realise that my back and legs hurt like hell, as I totter around the house in pain.