Friday, April 21

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British Embassy, 18:40


I got to Arcada to begin teaching. Fortunately for her, Naa arrived before the teaching started. She sat down at the spare desk next to Jutta and started reading again for her exam next week. I started lecturing to all 72 of the Social Media Analysis class.

I took a long lunch break and raced to the centre to sign some bank papers connected to the roofing adventure. I got into the same metro as Irma.

I arrived back at Arcada in time to meet Naa and have lunch just before the second session of Social Media Analysis began. The session had technical difficulties but I solved those by giving my conclusions first and then (after a short break) showing the two movies that should have preceded the conclusion. Everyone left happily confused.

After a tram, metro and tram ride I got to the British Embassy to join Irma for the second time today. At the Well in the Park the bar has genuine Spitfire beer for the first time ever, and we have some. Irma and I both take photographs of various bottles and glasses in various combinations. People sit outside for the first time this year. I notice that they all appear to have thick coats on.

We will chat with Tom and his Finnish wife, and the others we usually talk to, and then leave for an evening at home with some prosecco.