Monday, April 24

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Rohdinkuja, 18:46


This morning as I left the house I decided to do something different. I turned left and walked to the gas station to see if it took more or less time than the usual walk. As I turned the corner a bus passed and I ran. I leaped on and sat down. When it got to Riskutie and turned left I realised I had got the 97V I sometimes watch from the bus stop. I got to the metro at approximately the same time as I would normally get onto the 93.

I spent the morning proofreading two theses while Naa worked at the spare desk. We had our final lunch at 11:50 to avoid the queue. Naa had meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy, which pleased her greatly. She called it proper children’s food and grinned.

I spent the afternoon using Google forms to create an online questionnaire for the Social Media Analysis assignment. Within 20 minutes of completing it and mailing the URL to the students I had received nine replies.

Naa and I left together and I stopped at the library on the way home to return the CDs I borrowed last week. The Incredible String Band lived up to my expectations; Jessi Colter not so much.

Camilla and Johan have left a trailer in front of the house when I arrive home. Johan has loaded it up with our old drainpipes. When they return from visiting Camilla’s father I help Johan rope the pipes so they don’t bounce out on the journey to Sundö. As they leave I notice that the roofers have reattached the weather vane, and I photograph it against the deep blue Spring sky.

If it wind dropped it would feel properly hot.

Later in the evening I will chop wood, do some ironing, have a shower, and check with Liisa about meeting tomorrow.

I will also leave messages on various social media for Luke who has his thirty seventh birthday today, on a beach in Western Australia with Alice.