Friday, April 28

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Riskutie, 07:58


For the third time this week I walked to the gas station to get the 97V bus; this time under a bright blue sky.

At Arcada I added to the my slideshow and then at 10:15 I began this week’s Social Media Analysis calls, held for the first time in the old swimming pool. With a break for a lunch involving unexpected cabbage parcels and conversation, the class continued until nearly 17:00.

The class broke at about 15:00 for a research period, and I used that time for a Nobanet Skype call with the Production Team that I lead. I learned that I now lead a production team of me and Cecilia, which will cut down on the administration if nothing else.

After class I had to write up the assignment and post it. I finally left the building for the Spring break at 17:25.

Sitting on one of the newest trams, I find it oddly empty. I assume people must have started their holidays early. I then notice that the seats have schematic maps on the Helsinki tram route woven into them. Well, well.

I will get home to find Irma out shopping and Naa in the garden weeding. I will join in the outdoor activity with some brushing, raking and sweeping.

Sunshine will arrive home, lie down on the path and watch Naa working.