Tuesday, May 2

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Jan-Magnus Janssonin aukio, 08:35


I woke up to a bright blue sky and cycled to Puotila for the first time this Spring. Because of the major building works I avoided Kalasatama and caught the bus from Sörnäinen to Arabia. Since I had started my summer routine I decided to do something mildy different once I got off the bus.

I walk past the shopping mall without entering and turn right to walk to Arcada. As I approach I see a gigantic crane doing something behind Prakticum. I cannot guess its purpose but I can see it reflected in Prakticum’s glass surface, along with Arcada’s own facade. I stand looking at the multiple reflections.

Once in the office I will grade a course with Tomas before beginning the next block of the Interactive Storytelling course. Today I will swap the classroom for a computer room, and get everyone working in groups on their storyboards. Most students have misunderstood the purpose of the assignment they had and have created simple stories. I want them to experience the near impossibility of creating an interactive story.

At 12:30 I will go with Jutta to buy fruit and cheese for lunch, and at 13:15 I will sit with Micke Forsström working out what we will do in Kanunas next week. This will take ninety minutes but by the end we will have a solid plan that might conceivably lead to the launch of an online course in June 2018.

After that I will pull together a list of all the Arcada students who ought to attend Omtänk and forward it to Tiina and Ulf. Due to the way our systems work compiling this list will prove absurdly complicated and time-consuming. I will end up having to copy and paste a list by hand. I will also end up unconvinced about the accuracy of the list.

On the way home I will phone Naa who had an interview today to determine whether she will get a place to study nursing this Autumn. She will claim to feel happy about the way the interview went.

We will spend the evening in the garden.