Saturday, May 13



House of Science, Helsinki, 17:58


I left home and cycled to Puotila at about 9:00. The sun shone out of a bright blue sky.

I got the metro to Käisäniemi and walked to the House of Science in Kirkkokatu. I got there in time for coffee and a chat with Sanal. I watched the morning sessions with mounting interest. I especially liked Claire Klingenberg’s presentation on her work as a paranormal researcher.

Irma arrived at lunchtime and stayed to see me give my presentation at 14:00. The presentation suffered from a malfunctioning Powerpoint show that served to distract me. I managed to keep going, and it failed to either embarrass me or put me off my stride. People liked the talk and a number of people asked questions and approached me afterwards. Nonetheless I knew that it hadn’t quite achieved what I wanted it to achieve.

When we leave the House of Science, we will leave by walking down from the fifth floor and on the way down we will see many of these plaques at each floor. This one stands at the entrance to the second floor.

We will leave hurriedly to attend to some family business.

In the evening Irma will go to collect Naa who will arrive with a giant Princess cake. We will eat salmon, watch Young Inspector Morse, and go to bed.