Saturday, May 20

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Garden, 15:51


Irma got up first and left for work. Naa and I got up when she had gone and had breakfast.

The newspapers had promised a Super Summer Weekend, and they seemed to have got it right. The sun shone and the air felt hot.

Naa and I did a variety of indoor and outdoor tasks. We cleaned the house and did the ironing. I painted the new window frames with a second coat of white. I then painted the two new flower boxes bright pink.

The flower boxes dry in the sun, and the first coat gets painted over an hour or so after I painted it. I add a second coat and then spend a long time trying to find the surface that I have forgotten. Finally I find one edge that has not had a second coat and give it one. I notice that the pink paint does not come off my hands very easily and go inside to spend fifteen minutes scrubbing them. Finally they look so red from scrubbing that I can no longer see any remaining paint.

I will cycle to Prisma for some recreational shopping while Naa does some weeding, and then I will brush the paths.

Naa will leave in time to watch tonight’s hockey match at home. I will clear up. Irma will arrive home. We will sit in the garden chairs with a cider, admiring the new flower boxes.