Sunday, May 21

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Garden, 12:00


In the morning, after breakfast, we moved the stuff into the carport out into the garden. Irma photographed the log shredder and put it online for sale. An hour later someone offered to buy it.

By this time we had emptied the wooden shelf and I had begun painting it white. Sakke wandered around and we had a chat to him about the frame for the postboxes that we will meet tomorrow to discuss and build.

Now, after a second coat, I have finished the shelving and washed the brush. I look at the flowers and notice some bright blue ones. The daffodils next to them have started fading but they still seem to have life in them.

Irma will go to Prisma to get some sky blue paint and, once she returns, I will paint the wooden mat in front of the shed. I will only get one coat finished, because the sun will disappear leaving the paint struggling to dry in the suddenly cold evening.

Irma will make pasta while I attempt to wash a variety of colours off my hands.