Tuesday, May 23

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Kitchen, 16:30


I cycled to Puotila and met Tomi from across the road on the platform. We discussed yesterday’s street meeting and chatted on the train.

At Arcada I conducted the final session of the Interactive Storytelling course, in which I showed everyone how to use Twine to compile their final story. Twine must count as one of the easiest to use applications ever created, and most groups learnt everything they needed to know during my five minute introduction, got straight on with taking their mindmaps and written notes and using them to create a Twine story.

Needless to say, two groups spent the entire morning discovering every single way you can cause Twine to break. I spent the morning helping them, without ever fully understanding why they had the problems in the first place. One group continued into the afternoon, until I finally called a halt at 14:00.

At 15:00 I met Emilia and Josefin for a progress report on a project that they have worked on for Helsinki City. They have done all their preliminary research, and they now wanted guidance in packaging this for a presentation they will make in a week’s time. After this I raced home to see Sunshine.

I arrived home and let Sunshine out of his daytime jail. Now I stand watching him eating. He looks round every now and then to see what he might do next. Once he has finished half the bowl, he turns round, heads for the door, realises I have already opened it, and trots out into the bright sunshine.

I will message Naa, lock the house, and cycle to Stoa. Naa and I have planned to go to an event there this evening: an open board game event with free food and drink. When I get there I will see six middle-aged men clustered around a complicated game I don’t recognise that looks as though it has space for six players. I will wander into the library.

After ten minutes I will wander out to find Naa sitting on a sofa. She will already have decided that she doesn’t want to wait for another game to start, so we will both go back into the library. Neither of us have had time to browse in there for months, so we will happily spend an hour there looking through books, comics, magazines and cds, before heading to our separate homes.

Naa will leave with a bag full of books.

Irma will meet Päivi in the evening, so I will play with the cat, clean up all the dirt that gets blown in when we leave the doors open, and vacuum clean. The cat will leave for that part.