Thursday, May 25

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Ferry to Tirmo, 18:20


Today I woke up late and felt refreshed. Finland has a public holiday today to celebrate Ascension Day.

After a late breakfast, I put the lawnmower in the car and we left for Sundö for a day mowing. We spend an hour or so talking with Camilla and Mikael who have been to Ireland recently for the first time. Mika loved the Irish breakfasts, except for the sausages, which he found odd. He also found the Irish habit of having sausage, egg and bacon in the evening odd. He described it as going into a pub in the evening to find people eating another breakfast. While we talked the sky clouded over and a few drops of rain fell. Fortunately the rain passed without bothering to do very much, and so Irma started mowing in earnest.

Mika had built a terrace for the new shed, which I painted last year; and so I grabbed some terrace paint and started painting. This took up much of the afternoon. We had brought a can of paint with us and it had just enough in to give the whole terrace a first coat. I also dig a big hole and empty all the compost from last year’s toilet fun into it.

Finally we both go round pulling out all the bamboo that we can find.

Sitting on the ferry, waiting for it to leave Sundö for its two hundred metre voyage to Tirmo, we both leap out of the car to photograph two people fishing in the sea. The sky has turned very painterly.

We will get home, do some work in the garden, do the ironing, and have showers. We will also eat our way through a big box of chocolates that Irma got from work.