Friday, May 26

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Arcada, 14:20


Not many people went to work today, or at least not many worked from their workplace. No sooner had I walked in the door than Nathalie phoned me, then mailed me, then phoned me.

At 10:00 I had a long Skype call with Oliver about our workshop for Pixelache Festival in September. We worked on the initial idea and moved it forward several stages. I posted the idea on Slack for public discussion.

Next I remade the introduction video for the Storytelling & Experience Design summer course that starts next Monday. This took a long time because I talked to camera while Mirko taught Aki how to use the equipment. This had the effect of doubling the amount of amusing errors we could make. If I got it right then Aki didn’t and vice versa. Hours passed until I had a brainwave.

I left them doing that and watched the old video to see if I could cut it without making it obvious. This took more time, but it worked – and I learned something.

Now I have stood up and walked up and down the building twice to clear my head. I take a photograph of the corridor that I photograph at least once or twice every year. Today it stands empty looking very metallic. I have no reason to photograph it again except for the fact that I can see nothing else to photograph, and don’t feel like hunting anything down. I could probably go and photograph the empty dining room, except for the fact that I can hear people laughing and talking down there.

In the afternoon I will draw up a festival proposal, back up lots of things, almost catch up with Doctor Who, and write an essay that I have wanted to write for a couple of months. I will notice intermittent heavy showers out of the window.

At 15:25 I will leave during a dry, sunny spell, hoping it will remain like that until I have cycled home.