Wednesday, May 31

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A3, Arcada, 14:00


Most people had winter coats on this morning. I noticed this as I cycled to Puotila metro in a cardigan.

I also noticed that I had woken up with the bottom of my left foot aching as though someone had beaten it. When I get to work Jutta will tell me that she gets that, and that a friend of hers had it for three weeks. Apparently it has to do with a trapped nerve in my buttocks or thighs. On the tram I had wondered if I should blame my body or my bed. It now appeared as though they had decided to act in concert.

I spent the morning trying to get students who had almost graduated out of the door before the deadline arrives. At one point I found myself printing out copies of three different theses.

Naa started her final tests for her socionorm application this morning, and so she invited herself to Arcada for lunch. She arrived, chatted with Jutta and Liisa, sat and read, and then joined me downstairs for fish bites and mashed potato. Her final, final test – a group activity – took place at 13:30, so she left again in plenty of time.

At 14:00 I open the umbrella that Fred gave me on Monday, for no particular reason at all, except to see what it looks like. It looks like this. Fred found a supply of them in his father’s shed, from the days when hís father imported them. He decided to give one to everyone at the team meeting.

In the afternoon Naa will phone to tell me that she found the group work great fun, and that she thinks she did okay in all the tests.

At 17:00 I will meet Irma in Kamppi and we will go to see her father. I will have my huge umbrella with me.