Thursday, May 31

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Vartiökyläntie, 20:50

I spent the morning proof-reading and error-checking the three epub books that the first year students have produced. Since I promised Kaj that they would be publishable they cannot just be assesed. They have to be upgraded by someone. That someone seems to be me.

At 11:00 Jutta and I met two people from Elisa Kirja who, by coincidence, are curious about, and interested in, our students’ expertise in producing e-books. This felt as though it could lead to a series of interesting opportunities for collaboration. We arranged to meet again after summer.

In the afternoon I reread my draft thesis and accompanying notes, because my diary told me that that was what I was supposed to be doing; and then I carried on repairing the epub books.

We have just watched the final of AMerican Idol and I have been to Alepa to buy milk. Now I am walking back and noticing how interesting the pavements are visually.

Or not.