Saturday, June 3

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Silkkitie, 11:10


Since we decided not to go to Helsinki, the weather took the opportunity to warm up overnight. We woke to bright sunlight.

I decide to go for a forty five minute walk and on the way back to the house I see this car standing in a driveway. I register surprise. If it stood on the road I would wander around it peeping in. Walking into someone’s garden to do this seems a bit rude so I look at it from the pavement. I don’t get to see what the inside looks like. Given the stripes and flashes on the bodywork I imagine that you would probably not describe the inside as dull.

At home I will clean the floors and have a shower. We will do things in the garden and then go to Itis again. Irma wants a dress from Indiska but we will also wander around aimlessly. I will end a long quest to find some summer trousers that do not use black or grey fabric. I have looked everywhere I can think of but the consensus seems to revolve around bright shirts and dull trousers. I want bright all over.

In Halonen I will find some mustard yellow trousers. While not gleamingly bright they do live outside the black-grey-white spectrum, so I buy them.

When we get home the sun will seem oddly warm. We will try sitting in the garden with a cold cider, and we will manage to finish the glass before we feel the need to go indoors.

We will spend the evening eating, drinking and making each other laugh. We will stay up to watch Miss Marples, which I find extremely dull, and The Coroner, which now suffers from following Miss Marple as opposed to Endurance. With Young Morse and its labyrinthine plots, The Coroner came as a welcome relief. Following Miss Marples it doesn’t quite manage to wake you up again.