Wednesday, June 7

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Garden, 15:00


At 7:30 Irma left for Prague, where she will give a talk about her work to a group of interested Czech politicians.

Sunshine had gone out so I waited until he came back before leaving. However, he came in for food and then left again before I could finish getting ready. Since the thermometer said twenty degrees I understood why, and decided he could stay out until I get back in the afternoon.

Moments after I arrive I get a phone call from Jutta to ask me to join her, Emilia and Josefin in Kyllikki, her orange kleinbus, currently parked in a space in Arcada’s outside parking lot. We have a meeting there to sketch out their next moves. Should they target the proposed website at young people or adults? Should it contain online projects from the young people or should all their projects take place face to face?

With Kyllikki’s side door open the meeting feels like a picnic in the countryside. Occasionally cyclists stop to admire the custom car. We chat for forty minutes or so. Everyone makes some notes, and we climb out of the van and go back into the building.

I will answer some mails and begin working on some Wordpress experiments; partly because I want to and partly because I need to because I will begin teaching Wordpress as soon as we come back in August.

Jutta and Fred will go for lunch but I will feel too full and poor from yesterday to pay another 10€ for sushi.

I will alternate between working with Wordpress and discussing how best to collaborate with BFM in Tallin until 16:00 when I will leave, undecided about buying tyres for the bike now or on Saturday.

I will let Sunshine out and check both of our mailboxes, where I will find Hesari and nothing else. I will decide that I can buy tyres on Saturday when we go to Prisma.

In the evening Irma, Naa and I will exchange WhatsApp messages and photos. I will catch up with Doctor Who. Sunshine will arrive home very late, and I will go to bed as soon as I have let him in.