Friday, June 1

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Riskutie, 08:04

The sky is overcast and it looks like rain. We are waiting for the jouko and we can feel the occasional raindrop on our heads. Here comes the jouko now!

I will spend most of the day fixing one of the epub books. By 15:00 the first one will be repaired enough to read. The layout now needs tweaking, but that can wait until the end of summer before we launch them publicly.

Later I will spend an hour talking with Luke on a Skype videocall. He is in Shanghai with his Texan girlfriend Kerry, and they are having an interesting time by the sound of it. We will spend most of the time in web shop talk, and Luke will be amused when he learns that I have been a GTD camp follower for several years, since he is reading Getting Things Done at the moment and feeling that he is turning into one too.

Finally, my wrists aching from correcting xml all day, I will race home to see who has won American Idol.