Saturday, June 10

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Garden, 15:00


Irma arrived back from Prague about 23:00 last night and we stayed up until the middle of the night. Consequently we got up very late this morning.

The sun had come out and decided on intense heat before we emerged. I went for a walk and we had breakfast, before we did gardening work. Some of this involved saying goodbye to the plants that had got waterlogged in Thursday’s continual downpour, and drowned in their own soil. I also cleaned the outdoor ledges with a cloth.

I sit in the garden for awhile and do nothing. A fly lands on a spare cloth and stays there for five minutes. I fetch my iPad and slowly move it towards the fly. Somewhat to my surprise the fly remains there long enough for me to photograph it. In fact, it stays there another five minutes or so until I finally move too close and it leaves.

Later we will go to Prisma where I will look for bicycle tyres and inner-tubes. I will buy the latter but not the former at XXL. We will then go on a shopping merry-go-round that concludes at Lidl in Itis where I will buy more shaving cream that any one person needs.

We will finish by collecting Naa who will come back with us for dinner.