Friday, June 16

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Garden, 15:00


I walk out into the brilliant sunshine, still trying to work out what could have happened with my new, now useless, bicycle tyre. I decide to go to the 97V bus stop opposite Plantagen. While I wait for the bus I stand at the corner watching traffic roll by. I feel so hot that I take my cardigan off. I discover that my iPad has completely run out of battery despite the fact that I used it for about twenty minutes yesterday. I realise that my home-fixed cover no longer switches the iPad off every time and so it must have stayed on most of the day all of the night.

My mood improves.

At Arcada I will start to wrap up a number of different elements from the school year. I will email students who have work still to hand in. I will write last minute assignments for a number of other students who have not yet got as far as not handing their work in. I will discuss with Monica about some esoteric aspects of the thesis presentation on Monday. I will have an unexpected meeting with a panicking student I didn’t even know existed.

I will muse on whether nonexistence counts as a legitimate reason to panic.

At 11:00 I will meet with Emilia, Irma, Josephin and Kipa at Stoa. We will have a meeting about the project Emilia and Josefin have underway and then Irma with take us to lunch at a Thai buffet in Itis. I have never gone there before, but I will certainly go again. The soup tasted fantastic and it got better from there.

At 13:30 I will return to Arcada to battle with my laptop. Evernote has started to fail at syncing, and I seem to have lost an indeterminable number of notes. I had carefully documented my recent adventures with Linode, and some but not all of them have gone. Firefox has stated entering regulat “not responding” spasms. I will fail to get to the bottom of it, primarily because I have other, more urgent, problems at hand.

I will write an assignment for two students, correspond with Tore about the refurbishment of A303, write to Gunilla about asking Emilia and Josefin to work on Mikael Paronen’s website, and then leave for home.

The weather will still feel like summer.