Thursday, June 22

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Tirmo, 16:52


Yesterday evening we had gone to get our groceries from Prisma and so this morning we woke up late feeling unhurried. We had breakfast and did a couple of hours of gardening under blue skies. The bikes went into the bike shed, and everything else went where it needed to go.

We left and decided to drive down the old Porvoo Road. For some part of the journey the old and new roads run alongside each other and we noticed, to our surprise, that the new road contained far fewer cars than we had expected. The holiday rush had either taken place earlier or would arrive later.

As we rounded the bend at Tirmo we saw the ferry just about to pull away. The barrier had begun to lower. Irma put her foot down and held her hand on the horn and as we approached the barrier went up again. We just made it onto the almost-full ferry to Irma’s delight and amusement.

Looking out at the sea as the ferry crosses to Sundö the weather looks uneasily contradictory. A blue sky sits on top of a steely sea and the sailors we can see all wear winter clothes.

We will let Sunshine out and he will baulk at the knee-high grass. I will unpack the new mower and put the parts together and then we will make the beds and unpack the clothes drawers, which all have their winter mouse-proof bags on.

We will go to Benita’s to collect water and stay for one beer and one of Benita’s egg and anchovy sandwiches. We will have the place almost to ourselves.

Later it will begin to rain hard just as we learn that we have no electricity in the sauna. The temperature will drop and we will go to bed early to listen to the wind and rain banging around.