Saturday, June 2

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Vanhanlinnantie, 14:50

This morning the girls had their final school ceremonies, in which they got their reports. We were going to Auo’s which began at 8:30 and was supposedto be outdoors, but it was raining very hard so we left later. We left so late, in fact, that we missed it. Instead we had a private chat with Juho, before going to Anton & Anton and the flower shop.

When we got home the rain stopped so I beat the carpets and then sawed up a lot of old wood while Irma and Auo went to the library. Now I have cycled to Prisma and I am looking at the new building where they are finally laying out the gardens. When I come out of Prisma I will watch the man next to me clip his Halti Q Paniers to his bike and I will realise at once that they are exactly what I have been looking for.

Later we will drive to Prisma again to get more groceries than I could carry without paniers.