Monday, June 26

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The jetty, 13:45


After thirteen hours sleep we got up and started doing things. I got the paper from the mailbox by the main road and then wandered down to Eija-Stina’s old house to have a shower. Irma did other things.

After lunch we planted some bulbs, fed more leaves to the three black sheep who had watched everything we did since they realised that it sometimes involved maple leaves which ended up in their mouths.

While Irma sorts laundry and packs various bits and pieces I wander down to the jetty and photograph the view I find there. Doing this, and looking at the boat bobbing up and down in the sea, reminds me that we need to find out the precise condition and location of our boat when Irma gets back at the end of the week.

We will drive to Benita’s to fill our water containers, fill the car, and at 15:55 Irma will leave for Helsinki. She has meetings tomorrow and Wednesday and some banking business to sort out on Thursday. She intends to come back here on Friday with Naa, who will stay the weekend.

Once she has gone I will continue the never-ending grass-pulling and weeding (which I like doing), until the wind turns into the kind of storm that drives me indoors.

At 18:00 I will notice Mika crawling around the hole he dug yesterday, working out how best to fix the wire that got severed when they built the new terrace. An hour later he will come in and switch the fuses off so he can work on the wire, and fifteen minutes after that we will put the fuses back in and test the lights in the sauna. We will test both the lights and the sockets and they will all work.

At 20:00 we will have a fully working sauna and I will walk down to retrieve all our stuff form Eija-Stina’s old house. I will send a WhatsApp message to inform Irma and Naa.