Saturday, July 1

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Sandholmsudden, 12:40


We staggered up feeling frozen. Sunshine had woken me and I had woken Irma. Naa still slept soundly in her hut.

We dressed and drove to the market. Only Magnus had any fishcakes left and I bought two. They tasted surprisingly good, with lots of herb and onion. We wandered around and I explained Irma’s squirrel theory to Camilla. (Irma suggested last night that a squirrel had crawled up the outlet pipe in the sauna and made its winter nest right at the top.)

At the end of the market we went into Benita’s and sat chatting with Ville and Margit, who have spent the week driving around Estonia. The wind blew so cold that I sat there with my hood up.

Getting back into the warmth of the car I notice that the midsummer cross still stands on the beach, and so I get out again to photograph it. Ten seconds after I do, the little boy’s hat will fall off and he will run back chasing it, after the wind carries it away.

We will drive home for a quick lunch and then Naa will fall fast asleep and Irma will disappear for a long time to chat to Camilla. I will fix a problem on my server, and update some files.

The weather will spend the afternoon doing an accurate impersonation of late autumn.