Sunday, June 3

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The woods, 19:45

This has been an odd day. First Naa saw Moonshine when she was out with Jennifer. It was in the woods, she called it and it trotted up, miawed, and then ran away when she tried to pick it up. As a result I went for two long walks, and failed to find it.

Then Jennifer phoned to say that she had seen it again. Irma, Auo and I all went walking through the woods calling it until it started raining and we hurried home. When we got home Irma checked Facebook and found that the Chilean couple they met in Tibet have invited them to visit Santiago in October. Irma began checking tickets and discovered that it would be possible to stay two nights in New York on the way back. Auo was over the moon about this.

At some point during all this we went to Ikea, bought a few things for the summer house, and came home. I unpacked and built a set of shelving that, once built, changed its purpose and got set aside for Sundö.

Now I am on one final walk through the woods. It is a long and pleasant walk but it does not involve cats of any kind. When I get back Naa will be home from a day with Åke. They went to the Cat Rescue place and Åke got Starlight, the cat that lived in our shed all winter, and was “saved” by some over-enthusiastic person in the spring.