Tuesday, July 4

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Sandholmsudden, 16:20


We got up and both had “showers”, which required most of the morning since the water for my shower had to heat up after Irma had had her shower. By midday we both had clean hair, and the weather had brightened to a clear sky and moderately warm sun.

Irma mowed and I pulled weeds and fed them to the black sheep. Maria from Arcada appeared from the jetty with her children to buy vegetables from the shop and they came into the garden to say hello and look warily at the chicken. The chicken seems to have adopted us and has not left the garden since it first arrived. It has become bolder and now follows us and waits at the door when we go in. This may have something to do with Irma feeding it apples which it seems to like a lot.

Irma looked in Facebook and saw a post from Camilla’s brother singing the praises of Benita’s new lunch menu. “Let’s go and eat”, we both said.

We have an empty water can and some rubbish with us. Having dealt with those we walk up from the beach to Benita’s cafe. I see this sign stuck to a post. Within five minutes I will see another three: in the market square, on Benita’s wall, and on another post. Ville says that he saw scrappier hand-made ones last year. The posters advertise a detective agency available to solve crimes at cheap rates in Pellinge. We believe that the two detectives – Robert and Rufus – have an average age of ten or eleven. They do, however, now have a logo.

We will discover that the lunch Björn photographed and posted has now finished. We will sit with Ville and Margit. I will have a hamburger. Irma will have a schnitzel. We will receive both from a cook in a cook’s hat, and will declare both delicious.

Later we will take a pegonia from the side of the road and plant it in the garden. We will wonder where we can think of any mysteries that we could employ the RRD agency to solve.

Sunshine will stay out until almost 23:00, which Irma will blame on the increasingly proprietorial chicken patrolling the entrances to the garden.

I think she has a point.