Thursday, July 6

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Tokmanni, Hertoniemi, 15:00


We came home yesterday because the weather forecast said that today would have continuous heavy rain. We woke up this morning to cloudy skies, and the weather continued to remain dry all day.

Naa came over and we all spent the day in the garden. We trimmed the hedges on three sides, pulled out masses of weeds, clipped unwanted trees that had begun to sprout, and filled five enormous bags full of garden debris.

We drove Naa home and then went to Marimekko in Herttoniemi to get a birthday present for Susanna. We also go to Tokmanni where I find this 100-pack of Karjala beer. We try lifting it up and it require both of us. I check the price and it seems no cheaper than ten packs of ten – which you could carry a lot easier.

We will drive home, fill the car with our bags of garden rubbish and take them to a tip we have found.

On the way home we will stop for a bottle of wine at the K-Market that used to open 24 hours a day as a Valintatalo. It houses an Alko and when we go in we will meet the woman we usually see at the Alko in Prisma. She and Irma will talk for a long time about holidays.

We will get trapped into watching a whole sequence of episodes of Love Island, an English reality show that leaves us open-mouthed in disbelief.