Saturday, July 8

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Vartiokyläntie, 10:16


We realise when we wake up that the storms and cold that drove us from Sundö happened in another dimension. I get up and go for a walk in the bright sunlight, and when I do I notice that this old VW microbus still stands at the roadside where I saw it when we arrived home a couple of days ago. It has a sign on the back saying Party Wagen, and I have dim memories of seeing it here a year or two ago.

Irma will go to do some shopping while I vacuum clean and wipe surfaces.

At 13:00 we will leave to see Irma’s father and after that we will pick up her mother and take her to Arto and Susanna’s apartment. There we will celebrate Susanna’s thirtieth birthday. Ukkri, Susanna’s father, will arrive before us, with his wife, sister and mother. Jens will appear with his partner and son. Kim will arrive later. Naa will also arrive from work.

We will sit in the garden around a table until the promised rain finally arrives. Irma’s mother will take this as signal to leave, and Irma, Naa and I will leave with her.

We will drop Naa at home, before going into the garden again to finish off our work there. We will pull an old box apart, and remove weeds and unwanted bushes from the back of the house; clearing the space around the bike shed. We will fill four bags and drive them to a tip.

Finally, we will spend the later part of the evening sitting and reading until 23:15 when The Coroner appears on Yle2.