Sunday, July 9

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Tirmo, 15:42


We got up to a hot day and I went for a forty minute walk.

After breakfast we did some more weeding and pruning and then I cleaned the house while Irma did some laundry and went to put gas in the car. Eventually we packed everything into the car, including Sunshine, and set off again for Pellinge.

Filled with a sense of adventure we drove along the old road and stopped for our groceries in the S-Market in Söderkulla for the first time in our lives. The size of the shop suggested that Söderkulla must have a lot more inhabitants than it appears to. Either that, or they each eat an unfeasibly large amount of groceries.

We get to Tirmo to see the ferry has left. We then realise that we have hit the mid-afternoon pause and we will wait here for twenty minutes while the ferryman has his tea and biscuits. I get out and open the car door for Sunshine, who has started moaning. I take another picture of the ferry at rest. I notice that the restaurant and bar both appear very busy indeed.

When we finally get to Sundö, I will let Sunshine out. He will appear very happy when he realises where we have come; and after a few minutes he will race off, to return at bed time.

The chicken will have disappeared, the sheep will have gone, and the fences will have moved in preparation for the next lot of sheep. Irritatingly, the chicken will have laid a huge egg for us, but another animal or bird has cracked it open.

We will unpack and then sit in the hot sun, in sun-loungers, drinking a cider. We will listen to the birds and the tractors in the distance.

For some reason, possibly connected to sitting in the sun drinking cider, we will spend the evening eating carrots and dips, while watching videos of Barry Gibb, with and without the Bee Gees.