Thursday, July 13

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Garden, 16:00


I stayed in the house and garden all day today. Irma walked as far as the postbox to collect the newspaper.

In the morning I sanded an old picture frame and Irma painted it. I wiped the floors and vacuum cleaned while Irma finished the tin of white paint on various surfaces, and then did things in the garden.

We cleaned Naa’s room and then redid the shed. We took most things out and put up some hooks and a shelf. The result struck us as a big improvement.

Irma took a great photo of a flower with a scarab beetle resting in its centre, using her macro lens. I realised that I hadn’t taken a photo and wouldn’t leave the garden, so I started looking at flowers too.

I find a bunch of irises that have more detail than I expected when I examine them closely. I find the best one and take a picture of it.

A few minutes later the wind will rise and the temperature will drop. Sunshine will appear and demand to go into the house.

We will plant a rose bush while the weather heads rapidly towards stormy.

Not long after the rose has settled into its new home the rain will start and continue until we go to bed.