Friday, July 21

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Söderby, 14:20


We woke early to a bright sunny day and got up about 8:15.

After breakfast Irma decided to do some painting, and painted a wooden basket, a wooden box, and a strip of wood suitable for a shelf. Having some paint left she then decided to paint some fittings in the hall and the sauna door and door frame. I offered to do the door and door frame, and did so.

We collected together a variety of rubbish and set off to the tip, where we found that someone had left a big pile of Wired magazines by the paper rubbish. I looked through them and took the five or six I thought might prove interesting.

We then drive to the shop and walk up to Lillbodan, where a permanent jumble sale takes place. Irma buys an old plate and I buy a pack of three books for 1€. When we walk back to the shop we discover that Erika’s two children run it. I realise that I have just bought a bundle of books curated by a seven year old.

Later Irma will scrub new potatoes and I will get the ferry to Tirmo to buy two ciders.

Tirmo Blues starts tonight and so the whole site will have security guards and fences. I will eventually find a long circuitous route that will take me to the shop. Not many people have found it and so the shop will have very few customers other than me.

When I get back Ann-Sofie’s student friends will have arrived for their all-weekend party in the barn that Liisa and her have spent the last week renovating.

We will listen to the music and the students until the music stops at midnight and we go to bed.