Wednesday, July 26

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Garden, Sundö, 10:05


Yesterday evening I finished The Book of Illusions, and the story held up all the way. I have nothing but praise for Paul Auster.

That meant that I fell asleep at exactly 00:00 (I know because I looked at the clock when I got into bed at 23:59 and fell asleep almost immediately.) I woke up at 8:15 and went outside to the toilet. As I stepped outside I almost stepped on the chicken who stood on the terrace looking at the door. It has broken out from the hen house again and returned.

After Sunshine and I had had our breakfasts, Sunshine went out and I read the morning news online. News read, I step outside to take my plate and cup to the washing cabin. I spot Sunshine and the chicken about a metre apart watching each other. I go back in to collect my iPad. When I return Sunshine looks at me and then looks over his shoulder at the chicken, who starts trotting forward. When the chicken has almost reached him he gets up and walks slowly inside while the chicken jumps onto the terrace and walks right up to me.

I will give it half an apple which it will spend thirty minutes eating using a style that resembles a jackhammer with an appetite.

I will spend the morning cleaning because the combination of mowing and a rainstorm has meant that wet grass has got everywhere inside. When I vacuum-clean the sauna house the chicken will climb the steps and walk right in to see what’s up. It will stand there watching until I have to shoo it out because I don’t have enough room to move.

At 13:00 I will have a Skype call with Susanne from Access Space who will perform at this year’s Pixelache Festival, and wants advice on how to apply for a travel grant. During this I learn about a festival in Sheffield in November with the theme of unmaking and I wonder aloud whether Convivial Mechanics might fit right in.

The sun will beat down all day in an attempt to provide a little summer, and I will work in the garden with my shirt off.

In the evening Irma will arrive back from Helsinki and the three of us will have fun. The humans will sit on the terrace while the chicken will race around us. I will tell Irma about the time this afternoon when it chased a butterfly all over the garden.

Inspired by the chicken we will stay up late, although not racing around.