Saturday, July 29

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Sommartorget, 10:40


We set an alarm for the first time in about four weeks and woke up at 8:10. We got washed and dressed and left straight for the market, where we had breakfast. In my case this took the form of a coffee and egg and anchovy sandwich from Benita’s followed by a fishcake from Maj-Brit.

I spend some time sitting on one of the benches that Eva Kyrklund has made for the market. While doing this I take photographs of the various market activities. Not many people have arrived yet and so I can photograph the stalls and the outdoor tables whose occupants use various ingenious methods to ward off rain. The couple selling wickerware have come to the market for as long as I remember.

In the afternoon we will have an hour in which plans change every five minutes or less. The hour will begin with me about to paint the washing area in the sauna house, and end with Irma painting the stool from the sauna house while I finish painting the ceiling and beams in the corridor in the main house, which I started at the end of last summer.

This will take a couple of hours and at the end we will realise that the paint Irama has used simply won’t paint anything. However the sun will turn up in full force and we will finish the afternoon sitting on the terrace with one of the Finnish craft beers we bought from Erika yesterday.

We will remember that we have some ciders in the cupboard and, once they have chilled, we will add them to our evening entertainment.