Sunday, July 30

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Garden, 9:50


We woke up and immediately started an interesting conversation; not something we normally do. We agreed that we would not drink alcohol until December; or at least not as a way of passing the time. We decided that we had got into a habit we ought to vary. We have developed a Saturday routine that usually ends with us drinking wine and watching not very interesting television series. We decided to develop new routines instead.

In large part this developed from our sudden joint interest in Instagram, which has seen us uploading photographs two or three times a day while trying to gain followers. I have 136. Irma has approximately the same.

After breakfast I go and look at the well to see how much water it holds. At the start of summer the water almost reached the top. Now it doesn’t. One day I may understand the relationship between the amount of rain we get and the level of water in the well. So far I don’t.

At 11:30 Irma leaves for the ferry and Helsinki. I will read in the blazing sun for an hour and then get the ferry in order to take a big bag of rubbish to the bins in Tirmo.

I will spend four hours in the afternoon painting the washing area in the sauna house, because I know it will irritate me for years if I do it badly. I will unscrew fittings and remove the water heater in order to paint behind it. While I do this I will listen to a series of podcasts by David Icke which provide just the level of entertainment that I need.

I will eat the food that Irma has left for me at 20:45 and Sunshine will arrive home as I do. Finally I will return to the sauna and pack everything away for the nigh before I go to sleep at 23:15.