Tuesday, August 1

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Sundö, 11:00


I woke to up an odd dream in which Auo and I had to find various things. Importantly these things all revolved around the process of understanding a code-word. The word seemed to change, or we could never remember it precisely, but when I woke Auo had just said “Danzig”, and I had asked her whether this referred to the fact that Leipzig stood on the banks of the Danube.

When I got up I checked and, in reality Leipzig stands at the confluence of the White Elster, Pleisse, and Parthe rivers, about which I know nothing. I then looked up “Danzig” and the search results all pointed to a heavy metal band of that name, of whom I know nothing.

Perhaps I should research them in case their music contains a hidden message for me.

After breakfast I notice that someone has unloaded a new load of hay on the ramp leading to the barn, and that a second load stands nearby on a trailer. I walk over to take a closer look. I then walk over to the farmhouse and ask if they would like any help stacking it in the barn. As I suspect, it turns out that they would.

I will work happily for three and a half hours with Mika and a young woman called Tina, who graduated from the University of Helsinki in communications, spent a gap year in New Zealand, and has lived in the small cottage across the bay since May, dividing her time between working on the farm and working for Gunnel Englund. During this Andreas, from Switzerland, will appear and suggest we might consider buying his father’s Fiskari boat.

In the afternoon we will read in the bright sun and Naa will fall asleep. We will have Vicke’s fish for dinner and, while we eat, the high will rise until the trees bend to more or less forty five degrees.

In the evening Irma and Naa will move all her clothes from the main house to the cupboard we renovated in her cabin. While they do this I will download SKRWT, as part of a plan to replace Adobe Photoshop Touch when Adobe abandon it in the autumn.