Wednesday, August 2

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Outside Thai Street Food, Borgå, 17:20


Last night Sunshine failed to return home. I woke at 4:20, thought I heard it knocking on the door, and got up to look out of the window. I saw nothing. I did, however, wake Irma who then got up to go to the toilet. As soon as she opened the door Sunshine raced in. I had heard it, but it had hidden under the house instead of waiting where I could see it.

We got up at 9:30 to find a cold, gray day with obvious evidence of heavy rain in the night. The garden has filled with puddles and as we stepped outside it started to drizzle.

Naa stopped work on Sunday. She has worked in a hospital for six months or more and in the last couple of months the service got privatised and her wages ceased to come from the city and started coming from the new company. Since privatisation they have never been correct, and the discrepancies have always happened in the company’s favour. Irma spent much of the morning on the phone and using email to try and get the final issues sorted out.

I spent that time finishing painting the first coat on the washing area of the sauna house. When I finished Irma suggested that we go to Borgå to eat, so off we went. We noticed the naval exercises taking place in the channel as we crossed to the mainland on the ferry.

We drive to Aleksantersgatan in Borgå and park just behind Thai Street food. Outside the restaurant that seats ten people, I notice they have a street-food truck. We go in and order and have large plates of excellent Thai food. The restaurant has only two staff, both Thai women who chat to each other continuously, and they cook in full view of the diners.

Naa has wanted Thai food for some time, and she can’t stop smiling. We all agree that the food tastes fantastic, and we all leave happily. We drive straight back and stop at the ice-cream kiosk at the ferry because sometimes full does not seem full enough.