Sunday, August 13

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Sundö, 11:00


We got up to see what had happened to the storm. We discovered that it had turned into a raging wind blowing through a clear blue sky. When it dropped for a few minutes every now and then the air turned hot.

I got up and emptied the washing area in the sauna. I moved the washing machine and the bench and then dried the floor as thoroughly as I could. After we had eaten breakfast I painted it with black water-resistant floor paint. Apparently it will take ten days to dry.

I notice that Camilla has lined the road with sunflowers because the farm holds an open day today in which families come to look at the animals and to buy vegetables and wool. I notice one lone sunflower in the field and photograph it as a final souvenir of summer.

I will finish picking blackcurrants as rain briefly returns. We will tidy the house and move things so that they don’t get broken in any future storms.

We will say goodbye to Camilla and catch the 15:30 ferry, taking the old road from Borgå to Helsinki. We will come again for the weekend in three weeks’ time but, sadly, I have finished my summer residence now.

We will arrive home to find the garden bench blown over and one big flowerpot smashed by yesterday’s storm. We will do some garden work, get rid of the encroaching ants, vacuum clean the house, and have dinner. Irma will drive Naa home.

We will have showers and I will get my things ready for returning to Arcada tomorrow. I will go to bed early and fall asleep one minute after lying down. I will sleep all night, only waking up once for about thirty seconds when a noise briefly disturbs me.