Tuesday, August 15

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Indian Embassy, 10:10


I didn’t have to get up early this morning because Irma and I will attend the 70th anniversary of India’s Independence Day at the embassy.

We arrive there at 9:00 in time to see the new ambassador’s speech. She differs from the previous ambassador in her approach and her manner. Sanal will tell us that he believes her interests to lie more in the cultural sphere and less in the political. Certainly the programme seems to indicate this. In the past we have speeches. Today we get dances and singing. We like it.

We stay for the refreshments, which mark one of the few occasions when we can eat samosas that resemble the ones we buy in Kerala.

We will leave about 10:00 and I will take the metro and tram to Arcada. I will spend the day working through a long list of small tasks. Interspersed with these I will wander in and out of A303 to chat with Emilia and Josefin. We will solve several problems and their work will progress rapidly.

I will leave Arcada at 16:35 with a bright summer sun overhead.