Monday, August 21

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Garden, 20:40


Sunshine decided that he should go out at 5:30. I disagreed. He decided that I should get a reminder every ten minutes or so. I disliked this. Eventually, at about 7:20 we compromised and I got up to let him out ten minutes before my alarm went off.

Since I needed to read through the documentation for Foundation 6 I decided that I could do this quite satisfactorily from home, so I did.

I got to Arcada at 11:30 and, armed with my morning’s revision, went to help Emilia and Josefin. This did not go as planned. I realised that they had taken a detour and the help they thought they needed simply indicated the extent and nature of the detour.

I showed them a way of starting again without losing what they had already done, and tried to indicate the benefits of starting at the other end. I tried to explain why a mobile first strategy would prove easier, since they would end up swimming downstream with Foundation rather than upstream against it, and why it would also make constructing a stylish desktop version easier.

They nodded and carried on working on the desktop version.

At 15:00 I had a more or less pointless online meeting with the new “customer success” person at, whose job consists of helping me improve how Arcada uses Lynda. I have tried opting out of these in the past but have reluctantly decided that sitting through them uses less time and energy than the amount of unnecessary communication generated by trying to avoid them.

When I get home Sunshine stands there waiting, but as soon as I get off my bike he turns and trots away. I leave the door open and thirty minutes later he walks in wanting food. He then demonstrates how to roll around on the floor for twenty minutes until, after all the effort, he wanders around the house to find somewhere to rest.

In the middle of the evening I look out at the sky and decide to photograph it. The colours in the photograph turn out less interesting than the colours in the sky.

Later I will see a range of photos from Nice and then hear about the dullness of Monaco, which the unwary traveller can reach by bus for approximately €1.50.