Wednesday, August 23

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Arcada, 15:00


Sunshine didn’t come in last night. I went to bed at about 23:00 but could not get to sleep. I kept waiting for the carport light to go on. Eventually, round about midnight, jazz fans, the light went on, I leaped out of bed, and Sunshine walked in wanting food.

Despite my relief I failed to get back to sleep. Also, despite the fact that Sunshine slept right through the night, I kept waking up. I finally got up at 7:30, feeling like I hadn’t slept at all. I didn’t let him out and he went, more or less willingly, into Naa’s room for the day.

I get to Arcada and pause to get my keys out. I notice the myriad of reflections in the door window and step back to photograph it in case nobody has ever noticed doors and reflections before. I walk upstairs to find Nathalie drafting a project proposal that she wanted me to take over. I amended it, she liked the amendments, and she sent it to Oslo where an academic will combine it with his ideas and send it to a funding source which often funds him. If this works I will have a funded research project by the end of the year, and one which actually interests me.

I will walk to Kalasatama for a Pixelache for a pre-meeting and find nobody there. I will leave a message on Slack but get no reply. Eventually Steve, who knows nothing about this meeting will answer me and we will have an interesting chat about something else while I notice that the kitchen floor has liquid spilled all over it. I will earn myself ten pixels by cleaning it all up.

As I finish Andrew will phone me and to say that everyone had agreed to meet in Hakaniemi, and didn’t I know. We then agree that they will continue onto the actual meeting at TAIKE and I will return to Arcada. When I return to my desk I will have a conversation with Matteo about another research project that we will meet to discuss on Friday.

In the afternoon I will have an online meeting with Andrew which will prove enjoyable and fruitful. I will finish the day with a meeting with Micke about Nobanet.

At home Sunshine will accept that it can’t go out today and settle down. I will chat with the holidaymakers in France and sleep peacefully the whole night.