Tuesday, August 29

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Garden, 19:20


I woke up early and laid Irma’s birthday presents out on the breakfast table. She got a gift voucher from Indiska, and another from Stockmann; some organic chocolate; a spray and a cream for her hair; and a carnivorous plant of the type Sarracenia Flava.

At Puotila metro station, as I sat down, someone leant over me and said “I know who you are”. I looked up and saw Marina, which surprised me because I usually only see her in Pellinge. Milliseconds later I remembered her telling me in the summer that she had moved from the centre of Helsinki to an apartment opposite Puotila kartaano.

In the morning I bought some cheese and bananas from S-Market and found another packet of stickers folded into my bananas. I gave them to Jutta, who decorated a banana with them.

In the afternoon we had a meeting about redecorating the online media room and decided on colours. I followed this with a meeting about how we might embrace art research as a methodology for assessing and reporting productions and projects. Towards the end I suggested that we might approach Juha Varto about chairing an expert group, which met with general approval.

On the way home I stopped at Prisma to buy some New York cheesecake for a birthday treat. Naa came round and we ate it.

Irma has put her new living flytrap – the em>Sarracenia Flava – on the garden table to see if it will catch any flies. None appear but I go outside to photograph it while it is still in peak condition. Later we will both look online to see what care it needs, and learn that it needs humidity but not tap water. Hmm.

Irma will have a shower so I will drive Naa home.