Thursday, August 31

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Itäväylä, 8:08


I woke up to the sound of heavy rain, which lessened as I ate breakfast. As I left the house it increased again so I went back in for an umbrella. For the first time this autumn I find myself waiting for the bus. I have an eleven minute wait and, as I stand there, I take photographs of cars approaching on the wet road.

I have taken variations of this same image fifteen or twenty times in the eight years I have been doing this but I take it again because it signifies a definite step away from summer and towards winter.

I will get the metro and then meet Nathalie at Sörnäinen where we will wait for the tram. She will talk about her dog and I will respond with some remarks about Sunshine.

In the morning I will have a long discussion with Tova who wants to be the second beta-tester for the new book exam course. I will show her the paper I wrote yesterday about it, and she will go away to think about which book she wants to read and what topic and questions she wants to address.

At 13:00 I will walk to Pixelache. I have worked out how to do this now. I will turn right at Vanha Talvitie and walk past Lidl to the end of the road, where I will turn left. This appears longer on paper but cuts out all of the where can I walk now? business that inevitably accompanies trying to negotiate the ever-changing building works.

When I get there I will meet Alan Bulfin, the technician for the festival, and we will walk over to Oranssi for a site inspection. I will need to do this because I have agreed to act as technical liaison for Olivier Auber, a digital artist from Belgium. We will meet Juha, Orassi’s technician. I will ask questions, take photographs, and leave.

At 15:00 Arcada will have its annual Inskription to welcome the first year students and I will go down with Jutta and Liisa to have some snacks and a glass of sparkling wine.

In the evening Irma will go to the theatre and I will iron and read.