Friday, June 8

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Hameentie, 13:50

I got up and went to work this morning, and Irma got up and went to Tallin. She has a one day work visit with two buffets.

I spent the morning reading and taking notes. I also wrote the formal report for the thesis I judged on Wednesday, along with several letters and the framework for a paper.

The day is bright and clear and I have gone outside to buy a bottle of sparkling water. On the way back, possibly influenced by the Georgia O’Keefe exhibition we saw yesterday, I am drawn to the geometric patterns the bricks make in the harsh sunlight, and the way that they contrast with the organic colors and shapes in the background.

Soon Jutta will turn up and remind me that we should go downstairs and celebrate with the students. We have four students graduating at this afternoon’s ceremony and that is a record.

Later I will return home to do the ironing that my diary has scheduled me to do, and await Irma’s arrival late in the evening.