Monday, September 4

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Suvilahti, 15:00


Yesterday’s efforts paid off. Riding the bike proved much easier with the wheels properly adjusted. I rode to Puotila in my cardigan at speed, which I needed to because I should have worn a thick jacket.

I spent the morning making Powerpoint slides for the CMS course that starts tomorrow, and then at midday I met Lasse and Filip to discuss how Arcada could best administer our Lynda accounts. Filip agreed to take over the administration if he could have a deputy administrator from each institution. I volunteered and suggested that Matthew would do it too.

I then walked to Pixelache and discovered, to my great surprise, that I could now walk all the way down the coast road again, which I couldn’t last week. Over the weekend they have linked two of the new roads and as a result I found a pedestrian route that worked. I kept expecting it to come to a halt at a big hole but it didn’t.

I met Sami, from Migrant Youth Helsinki, at the metro station and we walked to Pixelache. The route from the station to Suvilahti had also changed drastically over the last few days.

Sami, Egle, Vishnu, Sasha and I spent an hour talking and by the end Sami and Vishnu had agreed on how the festival could use the workers that Sami supports.

I leave Pixelache and decide to walk to Sörnäinen and catch a bus back to Arcada. As I pass the old gasometer, soon to turn into a cultural venue, I notice the map and photograph it.

Naa will phone me to ask if I would like to go home with her. I will quickly finish what little I still have to do and meet her at the metro. She had her first day of college today and she will spend the metro journey telling me about it. Briefly, she had a busy time and she enjoyed it. She will work in a group of forty students, six men and fifteen women about her age, with the rest comprised of older women in their late twenties with babies.

Irma will work late. Minna will come for a chat when she arrives and I will leave for a long walk.