Saturday, September 9

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Home, 18:50


We got up late and had brunch and by the time we had finished the rain had conveniently stopped.

I walked to Itis to meet Naa, who wanted to buy a protective sleeve for her MacBook. She has to take it to college every day and so it has suddenly moved from something nice to a vital work tools. I got there slightly early and so I looked in Power as I walked down to meet her outside H&M.

As a result of my quick exploration I led her back to Power where she found a bag that she liked, both as a bag and as a way of carrying her MacBook. I said that we would get it for her birthday and she left the shop happy.

She also wanted a hard case for her MacBook: firstly to protect it and secondly to make sure nobody took the wrong one. We sat on a bench in Itis and she showed me the one that she had seen on Amazon. I ordered it with my iPad and by the time she went home she had everything she needed.

I stopped in Prisma on the way home and bought a bottle of wine and some cider.

Now I sit in the kitchen at home looking at the roast beetroot and carrots in blue cheese that has just emerged from the oven. It looks and smells delicious. It will turn out even better than it looks.